Show Stealer

Hoshiko and Ben are hiding from the police, but Ben’s powerful mother will stop at nothing to track them down. She demands revenge: a new circus, rising from the ashes, and a familiar foe, horrifyingly reborn.

Welcome back to the Big Top, step right up. Its darkest and most dangerous corners await you…

Show Stopper

Up on the high wire, Hoshiko’s life hangs in the balance every night. Her job: to entertain the Pures, whatever the cost. She loathes them all, so why is she so drawn to the boy in the crowd?

Ben should be enjoying watching the deadly shows: after all, Dregs are vermin, aren’t they? Something doesn’t feel right though and, try as he might, he can’t stop thinking about Hoshiko.

They live in different worlds, believe in different truths.

They should hate one another, and yet…

Hayley Barker

Young Adult Author

Young Adult Author

Hayley Barker

Hayley Barker has a BA (hons) degree from Birmingham University and has taught secondary school English for eighteen years. She is a huge YA fiction fan and says being published is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her. Hayley was inspired to write her YA because of her fears about the growing wave of crime and animosity against minority groups in England. She lives in Essex with her husband and two young sons.


We really enjoyed having Hayley visit us and share her writing journey and enthusiasm for reading! She led a creative writing workshop, signed books and then kept our entire Year 9 group engaged with an informative and fun presentation. Her books went flying off the shelves and our students were clamouring to read Show Stopper!

Amanda Adams, Librarian

Moulsham School

Hayley was a true inspiration for the students who were all captivated by her motivational presence. Her presentation was incredibly uplifting, helping the students see that (with hard work) they can reach their potential. It was truly engaging and the students found it fascinating to hear about the journey of a writer. They were all keen to ask questions and Hayley provided excellent answers with heartfelt honesty and passion.

Phillipa Morris-Jeffery, English teacher

Brentwood School

The students were enthralled by Hayley’s introduction to the world of Show Stopper; so much so, that book sales broke school records. By 8.15 am the next day, all eight copies of the book were on loan, and a waiting list was growing! Some amazing work was produced during the workshops from some unexpected sources! Hayley really knew how to get the best out of the students.